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LED Panel Light
Product Description
Office,shopping,mall&supermarket,hote,conference rooms,etc.
LED Panel has been design to work with conventional Grid Panel Light with fluorescent tube fixtures. To replace the short lived fluorescent lamps that are typically used in interior lighting. The LED Panel can be used to retrofit existing fluorescent tube grid light installations in all types of applications.
1, Metro Station / Lobby & Passageway
2, Residential Home / Institution Buildings
3, Exhibition lighting & decoration, Counter
4, Restaurant / Retail Store / Grocery Store
1.Low power & high intensity, save 10 times energy more than that of incandescent fixtures, 2 times of CFL luminaries at same illumination.
2.Wide light emitting dimension (≥120degree), uniform light, no glare, no radiated heat.
3.The integration of thermal design to derive heat to ensure the LED light-emitting efficiency and span life, up to 50,000 hours. As a result, cost of maintenance and replacement is reduced.
4.Instant start, no flickering, no humming.
5.The brightness or color can be dimmable with remote controller.
6.Available in various sizes, can be custom-made.
5.600*600 Series Product pictures:
600*600 Series Parameters (Side-emitting):
6.600*300 Series Product pictures:
600*300 Series Parameters (Side-emitting):
7.1200*600 Series Product pictures:
1200*600 Series Parameters (Side-emitting):
8.1200*300 Series Product pictures:


1200*300 Series Parameters (Side-emitting):


9.Round LED Panel Light Product pictures:
Round LED Panel Light Parameters:
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