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Wind-Solar Hybrid Household power supply
Product Description

The system consist of solar cells, solar controller, free maintenance lead-acid battery pack (colloid), inverter, etc.


1.Solar Modules: solar panels is the core part of solar power system , the highest value part. Its role is to the sun's radiation ability conversion to electricity for using, or to storage in battery.

2.Solar Controller: Its function is to control over the entire system state, and to play a battery charge protection, over-discharge protection. In a temperature variety place, qualified controller should have the function of temperature compensation, and other additional functions such as optical switch, time switch.

3.Battery groups: generally refers to lead acid battery; in a miniature system, also can be used NI-MH batteries, nickel-cadmium battery or lithium batteries. Its role is to the sun's radiation ability conversion to electricity, and needed to be released.

4.Inverter: solar panel output voltage are generally DC12V, DC24V, DC48V. In order to be AC220V or AC110V for providing the electric power, so need to use DC-AC inverter for switching .

System diagram:

Project cases(1):

Project cases(2):

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