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Wind-Solar Hybrid Monitor System
Product Description

Products play a wind, solar power two energy forms of complementary resources, completely using renewable natural energy, without trenching wiring, no power transmission equipment, no electricity, low maintenance costs , low voltage and no electrical shock, it’s really a environmental protection and energy saving high-tech product.


Monitoring for Expressway safety , power transmission line, oil and natural gas pipeline, preventing forest fire, mining sites safety, frontier safeguard, border regulation , etc.


Wind Turbine, solar panel, free maintenance lead-acid battery, Wind-Solar Hybrid controller, panhead for video camera, optical receiver, bracket etc.


The solar system configuration should be designed based on client’s specific requirements and the solar radiation of the install location, due to the difference of regional sunshine resources.

System diagram:

Project pictures(1):

Project pictures(2):

Project pictures(3):

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