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Solar Street Light
Product Description

1、 Solar energy supplies electricity; Green, environment friendly, Energy-saving, and Zero energy wasting (don’t pay for electricity fee), complete to generate electricity.

2、 Easy to install: Convenient to install, don’t need to dig channels and bury cables, save labor cost and resource cost.

3、 High brightness: LED light 60W can replace high-pressure sodium light 250W;LED light is more than 4 tines as energy saving as high-pressure sodium light.

4、 Long life span: pressure-sodium light 4000 hours ; LED 50000 hours; don’t need to change LED light in 14years, free maintenance.

5、 Low investment: one time investment , and no maintenance cost.

6、 Our company designs solar street led lights with advanced control technology including current, voltage regulation ,light control ,intelligent peak power application etc.

7、 Our design is more reasonable and optimized .Solar street led light is low costing and energy saving . nice , flexible on design and customer-made.

System diagram:

Project cases:

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