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Wind Turbine Common Failure & Handling


Fault Symptom
Method of Handling
Blower fan runs down.
1. The accumulator is fully charged
2. The controller switch is not switched on.
3. Bad wiring
4. The fuse of the controller is fused.
5. Serious overdischarge
1. Normal
2. Turn on the controller switch.
3. Eliminate wiring fault.
4. Replace the controller fuse.
5. Repair or replace the accumulator
Blower fan shakes.
1. The bolt becomes loose.
2. The bolt becomes loose.
3. Ice is formed on the blade or foreign matter adheres to the blade.
1. Level the tensioning steel cable.
2. Examine the tightened bolts.
3. Clear the attachment on the blade.
It veers to the wind ineffectively
1. The veer bearing is too dirty with grease or the bearing is damaged.
2. The slip ring is locked.
1. Clear and repair the veer bearing.
2. Check the contact condition of brush and slip ring.
Output voltage is too low.
1. Bad wiring
2. The wire is too long and the wire size is to thin.
3. The wind wheel creeps.
4. Slip ring and brush are bad contacted.
1. Check cable terminals of each point.
2. Replace with applicable wire.
3. Fix the wind wheel to the motor shaft.
4. Check the contact condition of brush and slip ring.
Accumulator is lack of power all along.
1. The output voltage of the set is too low.
2. The connector of accumulator is rusted.
3. The accumulator is broken down.
1. Check and treat it according the above column.
2. Clear the connector.
3. Repair and replace accumulator
It cannot stop automatically.
1. The output cable of the motor is wired badly.
2. The controller is broken down.
1. Check the connection from the output line of the motor to the input line of the controller.
2. Contact the dealer for maintenance

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